"You can't do today's jobs with yesterday's methods, and
be in business tomorrow."
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What is the motivation for creating this web page?

This website is designed to provide a clear and concise answer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lean Six Sigma Management which is one of the most popular management topics of today.


How are the FAQs answered?

While answering the questions, the essence and details of the subjects were explained in the light of academic knowledge. FAQs were supported by quotes and stories related to daily life in order to make them understandable quickly.


Who are the potential readers for this web-page?

This web page is designed to provide students with an understanding of Lean Six Sigma courses at undergraduate / graduate level in a short period of time. Besides that it can be used as a reference in the daily lives of field managers and employees working in industry.


What media is used for answering the FAQs?

1. Writing blog,

2. Developing short videos with Vyond,

3. Presenting in MS Power Point (In process),

4. Preparing the web page in Turkish and English language (In process).

In this Blog,


The author has written articles about Lean Management, especially the subjects of the book titled "Lean Management and Techniques: Questions and Answers", published by Authors Direct Publishing House (Yazardan Direkt Yayınevi in Turkish).

Driven by the approach of "Knowledge grows as information is shared and applied", Dr.EREN wishes you many healthy and successful days full of quality.


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